Loosey Lucie


Gravel & Gold

Design: 2014

Collections: Fall 2014, Fall 2014 Collaboration with Taylor Stitch


When the potter Lucie Rie fled Vienna in 1938 she transported the entire interior of her bespoke apartment to a mews house in London that served as her studio for the next fifty years. This print interprets a blowsy chintz style, honoring the wisdom of providing for oneself a home where real work can get done. It includes some of my household objects—a Boy Scout's bolo tie, houseplants, a ceramic rattle—a few of Dame Lucie’s pots, and some abstract regions of discovery and cohesion.

Rotary screen printed by Prima-Tex Industries, Los Angeles.

Photographed by Nastassia Clucas as part of The Possible, organized by David Wilson at the Berkeley Art Museum.