My 2004 Chevy Astro Conversion Van

I get a lot of questions about my van. And you know how we folk down by the river love to talk about our vans, so here goes. 
I've wanted to van ramble for as long as I can remember. Like you, I spent a lot of late nights sleuthing van conversions online before I made the choices that work best for me. The big thing I felt I had to decide was whether I was seeking a vehicle that is also home or one that is also a super cush, reliably dry tent. In a home I expect to be able to stand upright, cook, and poop in a sanitary fashion. I decided to limit myself to a motorized tent where I can travel, sleep, and work very, very comfortably, stoop a little when I stand, and cook and poop elsewhere. 
Many readymade conversion vans, such as a beloved Westfalia or baller Sprinter, offered more than I required. And in any case, I looked forward to a conversion project and to ending up with an anonymous norm-van. I also wanted a vehicle that was not too big, so that I could easily maneuver it and park it in a city. Most of the inspiring rigs I was finding were in England, France, and Germany. The French, for example, make these wonderful bed/kitchen inserts for the back of a van. So cool. Then I was lucky to stumble upon Zen Adventure Vans, an organized, exhaustive, and deeply enjoyable resource. Many blessings!!! 
All Zen indicators pointed to an Astro van as the right vehicle for me to tentify. 
As you would expect (hope?) most of the other information is to be mined in OG message boards. 
Merlin blown in from Bermuda