Gravel & Gold

Design: 2014

Collection: Spring 2015


I was inspired by women who weave to make “Tamboro." One screen distributes strokes of color throughout like a warp. The remaining five colors appear intermittently, forming knots, plateaus, and two BMW 2002s traversing the sides of two Mount Tamalpaises. I have noticed that Marin weavers tend to drive old BMWs.

The title "Tamboro" nods to Mt. Tam and to Japanese boro, "peasant cloth" comprised of mended and patched together fragments. The print melds my own designs with those by great weavers—Sheila Hicks, Gunta Stölzl, and Frederick Etchells (a gentleman) for Omega Workshops. Continuous bands like Guatemalan faja, also produced by so-called peasants, unite the repeats.

Rotary screen printed by Prima-Tex Industries, Los Angeles.

Many photos by Terri Lowenthal, mostly of herbalist Rachel Budde.