EMprint Press
In the summer of 2014, I went up to Portland to print with Emily Johnson at EMprint Press. Emily and I produced editions of four cards on her big Miehle Vertical V-50 Press, two of which I designed and two others designed by my partner at Gravel & Gold, Lisa Foti-Straus. 
It was my first experience working in letterpress. I'm hooked! For Emily, it was the first time she inked the press with a full rainbow split fountain. Both of us experienced great joy working side by side.
Emily is now splitting her time between the print shop at Yale Union and the one she's set up at her new home in Cody, Nebraska. I am awaiting the opportunity  to print again in both places!  
My Nut and Boobs cards as well as Lisa's Bath Belly and Go Stay, Stay Go cards are available at Gravel & Gold. Proceeds from the sale of the Boobs Card are donated to the worthy La Leche League of Northern California and Hawaii.